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Anja and Her Full Scholarship at Oxford

Anja is a brilliant student who is looking to one day work in renewable energy. In high school she had some amazing results like a medal from the Junior Science Olympiad and numerous other national and international awards. She is now studying engineering at Oxford where she received a full scholarship.

Read about her path and how Equedu helped her on it.

How did you choose Oxford?

I decided to study abroad because I believe that such an experience can significantly affect how a person develops and also because Oxford has some of the world’s leading programs in renewable energy. Many students dream of studying at Oxford and what attracted me were the tutorials which include very small groups of 2 to 3 students or individual classes once per week. This gives students a lot of freedom and a chance to understand their courses better.

What were the biggest successes that helped you get admitted?

My biggest successes that led me to Oxford are the bronze medal at the International Junior Science Olympiad, numerous awards at national competitions in math and physics, as well as attending the Petnica Science Center.

What excites you the most about joining Oxford?

When I found out that I was accepted, I was thrilled but the feeling was very short because I knew that that didn’t mean anything unless I got a full-ride scholarship. Only when I found out that I received a full scholarship could I really enjoy the fact that I'm going to Oxford.

Currently, I can’t wait to move to Oxford and meet new classmates from all over the world!. Oxford has some of the world’s best students and professors and I’m sure that being part of such an environment will help me to achieve great things and be the perfect stepping stone for my future career!

How did Equedu help you on this journey?

Equedu helped me a lot throughout the process to motivate me and be there for me whenever I had an issue or needed an advice. I am very curious and I can also be insecure at times, so it meant a lot to have someone to rely on. At the very beginning, I was having trouble picking Oxford or Cambridge and they are the ones who advised me to choose Oxford because it would be the best choice for me and they were proved right. They also thought me a lot about choosing the universities, especially in America about which I knew very little and they helped me craft great essays, including the Personal Statement and the Common App.

What would be your advice for other students?

I would advise other students to start the whole process on time and to do the essays early in the autumn to that they can focus on other segments of their application later on. The application processes differ greatly across different countries and I would say that the whole process in Europe is much more straight -forward and affordable compared to America.


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