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How Vuk Matriculated to Bocconi with a Full Scholarship

Vuk is a clever and ambitious young man who achieved to receive a full scholarship to study at Bocconi in Milan, Italy. Bocconi is one of the best business schools in Europe and he achieved amazing results which helped him to gain his spot. Read more about his journey and how Equedu helped him to achieve this success.

How did you decide to study abroad?

After looking at opportunities that were available in my home country, I decided that my achievements and ambitions would be more suited to universities abroad. I wanted to study at a level that was higher than what was available to me and I also believed that it would be too hard for me to achieve my ambitions in a country as small as Serbia.

Initially, I wanted to study in the States and I was admitted to Northeastern in Boston but the exuberant costs, even with a full scholarship, convinced me to focus on Europe instead. I chose Bocconi because it has one of the top three business and management majors in Europe, which is also the major I chose. Italy also has a great lifestyle and quality of life and that was a significant factor.

How hard was it to gain admission to Bocconi?

The whole process was very exhausting and there were many steps that had to be completed successfully and on time. In addition to several awards from competitions, research projects and extracurricular activities, I also took the SAT very seriously and achieved almost a full score. Equedu was a significant motivator which helped me to go a step further in achieving all this.

How did you feel when you found out the results?

The feeling was incredible and the discovery that I received a full scholarship was just as important because my family and I wouldn't have been able to afford the tuition costs otherwise. That made it easier for me to decide that I wanted to attend Bocconi and allowed me to relax and enjoy this success.

What was your knowledge of the application process before Equedu?

I barely knew anything. At the beginning of the process, I had my academic achievement and my good will, literally nothing else. Equedu helped me to establish a good strategy and plan my time accordingly, which was crucial. They helped me manage all the deadlines, information regarding student accommodation, and even unto the tiniest bureaucratic details. Generally speaking, universities often fail to provide international students with enough information and Equedu helped me to bridge that gap.

How did Equedu help you in the process?

Equedu is the reason I heard about Bocconi at all, which was introduced to me as an alternative to U.S. universities. In addition, one of the team members at Equedu completed her undergrad and grad studies at Bocconi and working with her allowed me to learn first-hand about everything that this university has to offer. It was very important that throughout the process, I always knew I could rely on Equedu and that allowed me to approach everything with much more confidence.

Would you recommend Equedu to other students?

Absolutely. The college application process is long, exhausting and oftentimes very confusing. The Equedu team is extremely devoted and competent and they knew both how to advise me and motivate me during this whole process. I would advise other students to start preparing as soon as possible because time starts flying quickly once you know how many tasks need to be completed before you can say that you enrolled to a top university.

What do you look forward to the most?

I can't wait to meet new people and cultures and to gain the knowledge which will allow me to start a career after university. I believe that universities present a sort of crossroad in the life of most individuals and I can't wait to see what it has in store for me and to start my adult life.

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