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Iva's Journey to the Sorbonne

Iva has been interested in biotech for most of her time in high school and after a summer school in France, she decided she wanted to have an international experience during her undergrad as well.

She was the Valedictorian at the Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj High School in Novi Sad, Serbia. Iva speaks four languages fluently, conducted research projects at the Petnica Science Center and won multiple awards at the national level. Starting from this fall, she will study Natural Sciences at the Sorbonne.

How did you decide you wanted to study abroad?

I decided that I wanted to study in France after a summer school spent in the south of the country. The most important were the newly made friendships with people from so many different countries as well as a feeling of independence. I knew that France was one of the best countries to study abroad and the Sorbonne is its most prestigious university, which offers a world class education in the field which I chose.

How difficult was the journey to get accepted to the Sorbonne?

My journey to get there was not at all easy and what helped the most was my lab work and research at the Petnica Science Center, as well as numerous competitions in biology, geography and French. I also held C1 certificates in four different languages. This was all very hard to achieve but with ambition, good organization and support, I believe everything is possible.

What was your reaction when you found out you were accepted?

Once I found out that I had been accepted, the feeling was amazing! The Sorbonne is extremely selective and the excitement became even bigger once I found out I was awarded a full-ride scholarship. The scholarship also covers my accommodation which gives me a unique chance to live in the center of Paris without having to worry about the rent!

How did Equedu help you on your journey to the Sorbonne?

Equedu helped me from the very beginning by giving me a list of universities that would suit my preferences and chosen field of study. In the process, I chose 10 universities and was accepted to each one of them! Each university had different requirements and the Equedu team helped me to navigate that successfully. They also ran presentations with former students which allowed us to connect with them and learn first-hand from their experiences. What was particularly helpful was Equedu’s support in writing my resume and cover letters, which all had to be adjusted for different countries.

What are you looking forward to the most right now?

Right now, I can’t wait to start my studies and I can’t wait to see what's out there! I hope to perfect my French, but biology and working in the lab at one of the world’s top universities will definitely be my priority!


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