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Securing Equal Access for Everyone

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equality in education

More students at top U.S. universities come from the richest 1% than from the poorest 60%. Although most people expect this universities to host the smartest people out there, more often than not, they host the richest. There are so many extraordinary students in the world who deserve a place at a top educational institutions, but because of a lack of information and resources, this remains out of their reach.
Our Scholarship Programs stand at the core of our mission and they present our way of fixing the problem.

University Selection

Academic Advisory

Strategic Plan & Timeline

Essay Review

Interview Practice

Scholarship App Reviews



Marketing Activities

You becoming a program mentor:

  • 3 years

  • 2 students per year

  • 1 hour per student per month

Find the right program for you


For those who grew up in challenging circumstances, but excelled in education


For overachieving girls wanting to pursue a STEM degree


For those aspiring to fix environmental problems


Supporting ambitions of those from regions with conflicts

Scholarship Programs
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