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Have your essay reviewed by an expert!

Are you worried that your essay will contain grammatical errors or have the wrong structure? Are you worried that it'll not be interesting enough or that it'll fail to capture and convey you biggest successes?

Worry no more because one of our professional admission consultants can help review your essays and make sure they're telling your best story!

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Essay Types

Universities receive your transcripts, SAT/ACT scores and recommendation letters as key components of your application. These provide an insight into your intellect, abilities, capacity to build relationships and interact within a community. They don't, however, say anything about who you are, what drives you, what challenges you had to face or how you plan to use your degree to accomplish your future goals.

This is the purpose of the essays. They're meant to help the admissions teams to connect a person to a set of numbers and to convince them that meeting you would be worthwhile. The essays are not a place for you to be modest, so make sure to include all your biggest challenges and most important successes that they won't be able to see in any other part of your application. In an environment full of people with high scores, it is your challenges and your uniqueness that will help you stand apart.

Most common essay types: Common App, Personal Statement, Supplemental and Scholarship Essays

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How it Works

The vast majority of our writing experts are English Literature or Creative Writing majors. They've honed essay writing to a perfection and know exactly what universities are looking for. ​You can reach out to them if you need help with inspiration, content, structure, grammar or to make sure that your essay captures the readers' attention. 

Select the options below and feel free to provide us with any instructions. After that, you can proceed with the payment. We will send the corrected essay back to your email address within the period which you specified. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and you will receive a 48-hour period from the moment you receive your essay to confirm that we reached your expectations and that you agree with our corrections.

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