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Your Guide to Top Universities

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Admissions to top universities around the world are becoming increasingly more competitive,  with thousands of students who have top academic results and carefully honed  extracurricular activities applying every year. Being unique and making sure that you achieve the maximum result on every step of your way is crucial. That is why we provide unparalleled individual support to our students.

Mentorship Services

Profile building
University Selection
Essay writing
Resume Building
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Recommendation Collection
Online Tutoring
Scholarship Search
Interview Practice
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Post-Admission Support


University Selection

You surely have some colleges in mind and we have a complete list of all the best universities in the world and the subjects they are most famous for. Together, we will select the ones that fit you best and devise a clear path that maps everything you have to achieve to get there.


Online Tutoring

Standardized tests allow universities to put everyone on an even field, regardless of the country or school. That is why we have SAT and ACT in the US, UCAT in the UK and Gaokao in China. Our mentors will tutor you, provide relevant materials and help you to achieve your maximum.

Our Method

According to your aspirations and needs, you will be paired with the mentor who is the best match for you. All of our mentors come from top universities across North America, Europe and Asia, and many of them have also worked at the world's leading companies. They have already been where you'd like to go and know how to guide you on each step of the way.


Holistic & Personalized

Our students are central to our service and our job is to cover all aspects of your application that would allow you to focus on yourself and achieving the best results. We will assess your achievements and aspirations to devise a plan that leads to your further success, all while ensuring that your application tells your unique story and stands out among thousands of others.

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Our Guarantee

Failing to achieve your dream of entering a top university can be highly disappointing. So far, all of our students have managed to enter at least one of their selected institutions and we are sure that as long as you and us work as a team, success will come. In case that still doesn't happen and you do not receive admission to any of your selected universities, we guarantee that you will receive a full refund.*
*terms and conditions apply

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