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Mentorship Program

Why the Equedu Mentorship Program?

Acceptance rates at top universities around the world are between 5% and 10%, meaning that more than 90% of all students who apply don't get accepted. We have seen many students who had the right grades, extracurriculars and awards, but failed to enter their dream university because of a lack of information or strategy. Fast forward ten years later, this made a huge impact on their careers and undermined their true potential. 

We want to prevent this and help smart students get into the universities they deserve. The fact that we came from unprivileged backgrounds and managed to graduate from the world's best universities means that we know best how to guide you on each step of the journey. Our diverse team covers a wide range of places and subjects.


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How does it work?

There are three different types of programs (Basic, Premium and Ultimate). They include different services and can last between one and six semesters. We want you to find a solution that fits you best. Contact us in order to book a consultation and see how you would like to adjust a plan to fit your personal needs. Our strategists are alumni or are currently enrolled in graduate programs at some of the best universities in the US, UK, China, Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain and Japan. A few years ago, in most places it would've been almost impossible to get access to such mentors and receive personalized guidance from the. Because of technology, we are now able to put you in touch with some of the brightest minds out there and they will be able to explain every step which you need to take to arrive where they are today. Our mentors provide their services using video calls and chats and you are matched to the mentors according to your country and university of interest, as well as chosen major.


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What does the Mentorship Program include?

Universities are looking for well-rounded people who show not just potential, but also a track record of dedication and success. Our mentorship program is built to help you achieve this well-roundness. It includes support with your current curriculum, creation of new ventures, leading organizations, taking initiative and effectively presenting your experience in such a way that universities will be competing to have you. All services can be purchased individually or as part of one of the three packages below.

Universities try to measure their prospective students in many different ways so that they can choose the best ones. With this in mind, they have developed extremely complex admission processes aimed to test your academic potential, communication, social skills, creativity, devotion and resilience. Our mentorship program is designed to prepare you for every aspect of this rigorous selection process.

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Mentorship Plans

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