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Jana's Journey to Drexel with a Full Scholarship

Jana has been keen on studying game design and digital media for years. Find out how Equedu helped her get accepted to one of the best programs with a full scholarship.

Jana is an extraordinary student who's accomplished some great results during her high school years. Originally from Serbia, she already showed her potential in design by winning the National Competition in Souvenir Design and an art contest. Her talents don't stop at art and design, though. Jana and her team won the National Competition for Young Entrepreneurs and represented Serbia at the European level. She represented Serbia another time at the European LEGO Robotics League in Slovenia where her team won 3rd place. If you already thought that was amazing, we have to tell you that she also won a medal at a swimming competition. Read about her journey and how she got into Drexel with a Full Academic Scholarship.

How did you choose Drexel and your major?

I never had a dream university in mind, but I always knew what I wanted to study and that determined my university choice. For years, I have been passionate about combining Computer Science and Design. Drexel's Westphal College of Media Arts and Design has one of the best digital design programs in the world and it is also very flexible. That would allow me to easily combine interactive digital media and game design. Of course, the fact that I received a full academic scholarship only made my decision easier.

How did Equedu help you to achieve your dream?

Without Equedu, I would've probably never applied to any U.S. universities because I thought that my academic success wasn't good enough and that I would never be able to receive a full scholarship to study there. Equedu showed me the path and told me about all the intricacies - how to find a perfect university, craft a great application, plan my time properly, apply for scholarships... My mentors also told me that I should believe in myself and I became much more confident as the application process progressed.

Which parts of the Mentorship Program were most useful to you?

Every aspect of the program was equally as helpful because U.S. universities have a very holistic approach to their students' applications, which means that you have to respect each part of your application equally. Equedu helped me to focus on the right extracurriculars, prepare better for my SAT and TOEFL exams and have a clear idea how to improve my application.

How would you describe the interaction with your mentor?

No matter how much research you do online and how many peers you connect with, you're never going to have a clear picture about how good your application really is. That is mainly because that advice is to general and people are often too afraid of hurting your feelings. I appreciated the honesty and straight-forward approach that my mentor had as this made the whole process much more honest and efficient. When my mentor helped me prepare for my interviews, they were almost exactly the same as what we practiced together and that was very valuable.

How did Equedu help you grow on a personal level?

The first major take-away was that I crystallized my goals. My mentor asked me to paint a very clear path to where I want to be in the future and what kind of career I would like to have. The second one was the fact that this process taught me that I am capable of achieving great things, even what I thought was previously impossible.

What is your advice to other students?

They should start on time because the process will certainly take much more time than they initially thought. American universities love self-initiatives, so they should try to have individual projects that would improve their chances of getting admitted. And the final advice is to look beyond the Ivy League and the big-name schools because there are many smaller schools that might prove to be a better fit.


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